• Use Omnichannel to offer convenience to Your Customers to Order Food - Via Website, Facebook, or a branded app.
  • Automate Your Ordering...Switch to InnovateMenu and Get Your Orders on Facebook or Thru Web App Received Directly in App starting at SG $1.50 A DAY ONLY!
  • Food Aggregators taking a hefty commission? STOP THAT! Switch to your Own Online Ordering System and Receive the Order in Real-Time to Confirm.
  • Running a Small Restaurant or Kitchen from Home and Find Difficulty in Accepting Orders via Chat Channels/Phone Calls/E-mail. STOP DOING THAT!
  • Want to increase your online orders - Pickup or Delivery? InnovateMenu is an ultimate Web App that lets you start accepting the order in minutes and that too at a very affordable price.

Online Ordering

Online Menu

  • Visual online menu editor just drag & drop
  • Good collection of food images available to use and option for uploading own images
  • Food items are easily customizable: sizes, choices and add-ons with multiple select
  • Check out on a single page
  • Auto-fill* data for returning customers
  • Real time confirmation of the order
  • Offer promos/discounts with/without coupons

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Orders taking app

Native App on iOS & Android

  • Includes Restaurant app for receiving orders in real time
  • Smartphones and tablets compatible
  • New orders alert via visual and audio notification
  • Easy review of customer and order details
  • Order and fulfilment time confirmation in real time
  • Multiple Alerts when the ordering app is not reachable
  • Supports SMS auto-print
  • Print directly from the app on Thermal Printer (works with compliant Epson,and Star models)

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Admin Panel

The most restaurant-friendly admin panel

  • Supports pickup and delivery
  • Configure multiple opening hours for delivery and pick-up
  • Set delivery zones settings with circles or polygons
  • Set minimum order and/or min delivery fee options
  • Option to Order for later with scheduled fulfilment

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Restaurant's and Small Kitchen's profit margin are already low and we don't want to reduce it even further with fees or commissions per order. That's why we offer this very easy, DIY ordering platform at a very affordable price.

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See how EASY & QUICK it is for your restaurant's customer to order food using our app.

Why InnovateMenu

  • Quick to Setup
  • Use Friendly Interface
  • Multiple Modes of Payment
  • Integration to existing POS (Using 3rd Party Middleware- Advanced Setup)

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